Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mirror is completed.

Well I finished the mirror last weekend as well as many other little things that were on the list to be completed by our wedding reception. This first picture shows you all how I hung the mirror on the brick. I used what is known as a french cleat to attach it on the wall. Don't ask me why its known as a french cleat, its kind of like french toast or french fries. They really aren't French but they get stuck with the name anyway. It works on a really simple principal, you simply attach the piece that is sitting on the right to the wall then the one on the left to your mirror or cabinet and you simply hang the mirror on the wall. The corresponding miters on the two pieces lock to gether to be a very strong and stable conection.
A picture after I drilled and screwed the cleat on the brick wall.
A shot of the completed mirror. It ended up costing me about $6 worth of walnut, $20 for the mirror at Home Depot, The scrap of MDF was left over from other jobs and the finish only cost me a few beers for Doug. So I would say it turned out pretty well for a project under $50. It really improves that lower bathroom.

I had a large list of things to complete before the wedding reception in two weeks. I got the transition strips fabricated, finished, and installed in all the areas that go from tile to cork etc. I finally got the frosted glass in the bathroom stopped in place. I finished painting the lower stairs and the garage has been cleaned. I actually have them all completed already, so this weekend I'm going to work on getting the house numbers my brother made put on the house. I'll take pictures and post them in a couple of weeks.

We leave on Monday to go to Califonia to get married. So if you could wish Jessica good luck, and wish me some patience everything will go great. We will see many of you at our open house/reception on Sept. 8th.
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