Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Planter Update!

Well last weekend Jessica and I started early and picked up the plants for the planters I made. We got them all planted up just in time for some good rain on Sunday. They look a lot nicer with some foliage in them. I ended up going with a pretty simple solution of lining the planters with 3mil trash bags that I stapled to the planter and poked a few drain holes.
We ended up going with a mix of Canna Lily's, Coleus, and Sweet potato vine in the planters.
One of the Canna's has already bloomed, and the others aren't far behind.
This is how the large planters turned out to screen the pool equipment and a.c. condenser. That's Purple Fountain Grass, and a little bit of sweet potato vine. The grass should get a couple of feet taller and a lot more dense so it should completely screen this stuff out.
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You're place is looking awesome! I'm digging the landscaping.