Friday, March 02, 2007

Fighting through the mud

Ben and the dingo got all of the concrete around the pool, the side patio, and the driveway jackhamered as well. Next week the place should really take shape if I get the concrete in. Wish me luck.
After one day of drying, You can see they have a little bit of siding on, hopefully after today the will have three of the sides on. Next week I should get alot of conc. poured.
That night we got a good test for the roof. I believe we got 5in. of rain in about 4 hours. This is a shot out my front door looking where the patio was. Thats about 3-5 in of standing water. Needless to say it hurt my chances of getting any concrete in this week. But the roof didn't leak and Brush Creek didn't flood the house - so I'll take a little mud anyday.
The same day they installed the roof, my dad and greg worked on ripping out the patio in the front of my house. Two layers of brick pavers - the bottom layer was located exactly where the plans showed them.

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