Thursday, January 04, 2007

Where do you stop?

Well here are some pics from the last two days. The porch will be completely gone by tomorrow and the siding on the back of the house should be done as well. The guys found minimal rot in the wall itself but the fascia is a hole other animal. So we've had to be selective with what we replace. Many of the exposed rafters are in poor shape. Originally these overhangs were just for sun shading, there was no protection from the elements so mother nature took her toll. Everyone really likes the way the cedar siding is looking. I wasn't able to track down any pecky cypress in the dimensions neaded to replicate the siding so we opted to mill the cedar to match the profile. Its not the fastest way to accomplish siding but hopefully it will look good when its painted. I've had a few people who think I should re-side the entire house, what do you think? Charlie and the other guys (the crew) think the house is kinda different and are suprised by the way I want to do certain things but all in all its looking really nice. With the porch gone it adds so much light to the house and it makes the backyard look much bigger. I'm working on the drawings for the new garage so I'll try to post something soon.

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