Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Some Items for sale!

Well since I'm going to be tearing down the garage next week, I need to sell some of the things I've just been storing for the past year. Since I've been having trouble selling them on craigslist thought I would give you guys a shot. So if you see anything your interested in email me. First up is the stained glass that I removed from the house - if you want to see pictures of it installed take a look at the archives from feb. 06.
I also have a lucygraph for sale, its what artist/graphic designers used before the xerox machine to enlarge and trace drawings. Its still in working order - the basic idea is that you put your original image on the lower shelf turn on the light and adjust the weighted pullies to enlarge to the size you want then your image appears on the glass on top to trace.I'm also looking to sell the paver bricks that was my screened in porch. I've got about 1200 of them or enough to do a 12' X 24' Patio.

And last but certainly not least, I'm looking to sell or trade the pecky cyprus siding from my garage. I will be removing it shortly and some of you fellow Drummond owners probably know how hard this stuff is to find - I'm not reusing it because I can't find enough to go around the new garage. There's about 600 lineal feet in 8foot lengths. Just email me if any of you are interested the prices are negotiable.

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