Monday, December 11, 2006

A little bit of Destruction

Well Saturday I got a little wild hair and decided to tear apart my staircase and add to my list of unfinished projects. I've found that unless the project has to be finished for a party, or for a basic function I procrastinate its completion. So rather than doing the little things, like put in toilet paper holders, towel hooks, trim out windows, etc I decided to start the project that was functioning fine and could have been the last project to tackle. So I started by removing the framed opening that was in the 2x4 screen wall, the previous owners had a piece of stained glass in this opening. I then proceeded to try and replace the 2x4's to their original state which was no small task since the 2x4's were continues through the tread and are the framing members supporting the stair. So after hand sawing through nails and disassembling trim I got the old 2x4's removed. Then I had to find 5 worthy 2x4's to replace them. After sorting through have the stack of 2x4's at Lowes I found some candidates. Next on the list was removing the previous finish on the stair and recoating it. I decided to go with minwax's polyshades so I could try to even the color out and protect it with one step. The stairs were discolored from years of abuse so I though a regular stain would not have worked properly. After the first coat the color has evened out so I think it worked. Coat number two is tonight so wish me luck, I'll post the pictures later in the week.

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